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Historic harbor

Historic harbor

Our Maine island adventures explore Casco, Muscongus, Penobscot and Frenchman’s Bays from central locations on the Maine coast. We will visit wonderfully charming villages, pristine island nature preserves and witness untamed vistas.  F/V Sea Keeper can go anywhere lobstermen ply their trade. 

Lunt Harbor(1)


Tying up to the town pier in an isolated island community, you immediately sense a different time.  The patina of heritage is everywhere.   People talk to strangers with disarming openness.  Take a peek inside the church, visit the school.  Pause at the community store for a refreshment.  Wander down a shady street that follows the harbor edge, lined with tidy homes whose backyards ramble down to the tide line.

 These are working harbors.  The fishermen’s co-op is the hub of activity as a purse seiner unloads a night’s catch.  The bait wharf is busy with lobster boats.  Seagulls hover.

Sandy Cove

Sandy Cove

 There are 3000 islands on the Maine coast, forty of which have year-round residents.  Many of the rest are nature’s reservoirs, ruggedly beautiful, but so remote that you’ll only see them by boat.  Imagine visiting an untouched island shaggy with balsam fir, a white sand beach tucked into a wrinkle of the shoreline.  A timeless place which you will have all to yourself.

Sea Keeper Charters adheres to the guidelines of the Maine Island Trail Association

One, two, three or more days – we can plan an itinerary to fit your schedule and have a full fun experience.  To book a customized island charter please provide us information about your party, your interests and a range of dates.  Contact us or email Charters@seakeeper.org

Lobster buying station

Lobster buying station

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