Adventure Cruises

Ocean Is Our Muse

I grew up on the beach. My mom had summer rental cottages at the shore, where we worked and lived.  Accommodations were spare but from the front door step the vista was limitless.  The sound of surf was always in the background. My dad was a scuba diver at a time when the sport was [...]

I Hate Balloons

 John on Press Herald Post    You have to love those clear hot July days on the water.  The boat leaves harbor at sun-up and runs straight out to sea for two hours to a favorite offshore fishing ground.  As the morning wears on the sun beats down, the air becomes still and the surface [...]

Breaking the Rule

John on  Press Herald Post   My wife has a rule in our house – no talking about fish or boats after 6pm. Good luck, honey.  Most evenings that prohibition lasts until about 6:20 and then, somehow, the conversation wanders back onto the latest boat project, or fishing, or fishery management, or some esoteric related subject.  [...]