Garbage Patch Kid

You’ve probably read about the giant patch of floating trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.  Well, we have our own plastic trash poisoning the Gulf of Maine.  Let me show you where it comes from.  Saturday was a warm, sunny afternoon, and a lovely day to be outdoors.  We live on the edge of [...]

Ocean Is Our Muse

I grew up on the beach. My mom had summer rental cottages at the shore, where we worked and lived.  Accommodations were spare but from the front door step the vista was limitless.  The sound of surf was always in the background. My dad was a scuba diver at a time when the sport was [...]

Where the Wild Things Are

As the turtle said, “Dude, you’ve got serious thrill issues.”  There aren’t many places in the world where bluefin tuna venture so close to shore that a person can paddle out to cast for them from a kayak.  But Race Point off the tip of Cape Cod is one of those places.  On the outgoing [...]